Hier geht es um KARA's song. Nicht zu verwechseln mit Kriss Kross' song or The Pointer Sisters' song with similar names.

"ジャンピン(Jumpin)" by KARA is featured on Just Dance Wii.


Jumpin coach 1

The dancer is a woman with blue hair gathered in a fluffy tail, yellow cropped shirt that looks like a jacket, matching shorts with a black and white patterned part and high black heeled boots.


There are two backgrounds for this song: the first looks like a stage with many lights and yellow walls, the second is similar to E.T., with kaleidoscopic reflections of the dancer on the floor and two butterfly wings behind her. At a certain point, they are replaced by other kaleidoscopic reflections.

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves in this routine, all of which are the same:

All: Punch the air once with both of your hands.


  • This is the first song by KARA in the series. It is followed by Mister, Jet Coaster Love, Go Go Summer! and Electric Boy.
  • The reflections on the wall and the floor reappear in E.T.: this means this is one of the few elements that appear in a Japanese game and return in an European game of the series; this happens also with the background of Mister that returns in Jamaican Dance with slight modifications and colored lyrics that return in the latest games of the European series.
  • The coach wears an outfit similar to the one worn by the members of KARA in the music video, but it has been recolored from white to blue and yellow to not make it confused with the skin.
  • "You and I" is spelled as "U&I" in the lyrics. This is possible because there wasn't enough space in the captions.
    • Also, Baby come back is written in Japanese characters.



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