"君にBUMP" ("Kimi Ni Bump") by ケツメイシ (Ketsu Meishi) is featured on Just Dance Wii.


The dancers are a woman and a man.


P1, the woman, has long bordeaux hair, and wears a yellow dress, purple shirt underneath, purple bracelet, purple glove, golden belt and purple heels.


P2, the man, has short brown hair and wears a bordeaux jacket, purple necklace, magenta glove, magenta belt, purple pants and yellow shoes.


It looks like a disco or a stage, with the word "DISCO" on the sides, many lights, checkered floor and the sign "ON AIR" on the roof.

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves for P1, and 4 Gold Moves for P2 in the routine:

  • P1: Point to the roof.
  • P2: Point to the screen.


  • The female dancer looks similar to the dancer from Mister.
  • Their clothes are darker in the menu icon.
  • This is the only duet routine in the entire franchise where one dancer has more Gold Moves and pictograms than the other.



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