"Kiss You" by One Direction is featured on Just Dance 2014 and Just Dance 2015 (as a DLC).



The dancers are all men with the following features:


  • Very short black hair
  • A jacket with some sort of badges on the left side
  • Yellow shirt
  • Pink peach shorts
  • Blue shoes with black laces
  • Resembles Zayn Malik


  • Black hair
  • Yellow short sleeved shirt with a blue vest/jacket
  • Black trousers
  • Orange and yellow shoes
  • A yellow beanie (blue in the Battle Mode)
  • Resembles Louis Tomlinson


  • Short black hair
  • A stripe shirt with black and yellow
  • Blue trousers
  • Black and orange shoes with orange laces
  • Resembles Harry Styles


  • Black hair with a Justin Bieber hairstyle
  • Pink peach shirt with black flowers on it
  • Sky blue jeans
  • Black shoes with yellow laces
  • Resembles Liam Payne


The Sweat dancer is a man with the following features:

Kissyouswt coach 1 big
  • Orange and blue sweater with a purple zigzag line to split the colours
  • Sky blue trousers with suspenders
  • Red fluffy boots with orange and blue dots
  • Yellow beanie with a blue line
  • Yellow scarf
  • Black sunglasses
  • Resembles Niall Horan
  • Note: The dancer is the same dancer as P2 from the Regular and Sumo version of Turn Up The Love.

6 Player

The six-player mode contains three women and three men with the following features:

  • P1 wears a white and blue striped shirt, pink trousers, pink shoes, and pink sunglasses.
  • P2 wears a yellow one piece with brown buttons and outlines, a blue cropped jacket, black flats, and orange sunglasses.
  • P3 wears a pink tie up crop top, a red orange skirt, pink shoes, and pink sunglasses.
  • P4 wears a grey button down shirt, dark blue jeans, black shoes, and black sunglasses.
  • P5 wears an orange shirt and jacket; the jacket being in a darker shade, khaki trousers, black shoes, and black sunglasses.
  • P6 wears a blue shirt, gray trousers, black shoes, and black sunglasses. All of them have brown hair (although the females has light brown hair) and wear sunglasses.


Classic/6 Player

The background has a lot of surfboards and water waves. At some points in the dance, KISS YOU is seen in the background. 


For the sweat version, it's in the shape of all the other sweat versions; a road that lights up. It flashes many colours.

Kiss you

Kiss you

Gold Moves


The Classic routine has 4 Gold Moves.

All: Blow a kiss with one hand. This occurs during the line "Let me kiss you". The third one is performed in a circle, starting with P1. It occurs when "Let me kiss you" is echoed in the background multiple times.


The Sweat routine has 3 Gold Moves, all of which are the same:

All: Blow a kiss with both hands. This occurs during the line "Let me kiss you".

6 Player

The 6 Player routine (on Xbox One version) has 3 Gold Moves.

Gold Moves 1 and 2: P4, P5 and P6, blow a kiss and P1, P2 and P3, have your hands under your chins. Gold Move 3: P1, P2 and P3, blow a kiss to the right. P4, P5 and P6, blow a kiss to the left. Both groups of players are to use their right hand to do so. This is the final move of the routine.


Kiss You has a battle against Pound The Alarm. For the battle, click here.


  • This is the first song by a band to appear first on the song list on the game.
  • The 6-Player routine is considered to be the Classic mode on the Xbox One, while the 4 player is considered an Alternate routine.
    • The former serves as the classic routine on the other consoles.
  • The dancers from the classic and 6 player wear summer attire, while the sweat dancer wears winter attire.
  • This is the first (and only) song with a 6-Player routine.
  • The dancers are strongly similar to the What Makes You Beautiful dancers and the Best Song Ever dancers. Coincidentally, these songs are made by the same artist (One Direction).
  • P2 of the Classic routine looks similar to the Sweat version of It's You (who is female), and P4 looks similar to P2 from Tribal Dance.
  • P1 is portrayed by Mehdi Kerkouche and the Sweat routine is performed by Arben Kapidani.
  • In the battle mode, the second player's beanie is blue instead of yellow and his glove is red instead of yellow.
  • This is the third song by One Direction in the series; after What Makes You Beautiful and One Thing. It's followed by One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks), Best Song Ever and No Control.
  • A scene from the dance is featured in the 2014 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records: Gamer's Edition along with the dancer of What You Waiting For?.
  • Although it is recycled, this is the first dance crew to be available as a DLC.
  • The 6-player version was meant to be part of Just Dance Now, but it has been removed.
  • The battle mode uses a lot of moves from the classic routine.



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