"Kiss You VS Pound The Alarm" is a battle in Just Dance 2014 between Kiss You by One Direction and Pound The Alarm by Nicki Minaj.


The 2nd dancer from Kiss You and the 1st dancer from Pound The Alarm.


Surfboards with Kiss You and a zigzag light with circles in Pound The Alarm.

How It Ends

Kiss You: He drops her to the ground where she disintegrates into hearts.

Pound The Alarm: She bumps him in the hip making him disintegrate into confetti.


  • Sometimes there is a strange glitch that makes the dancers disappear, making impossible to earn points. However, the players can still lose life points because the "Hit!" moves don't disappear, strangely.[1]
  • Kiss You's hat and glove are now blue and red instead of yellow.
    • Pound The Alarm's stripe through her shirt and glove are now orange and purple instead of black and orange.




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