"恋するフォーチュンクッキー (Koi Suru Fortune Cookie)" by AKB48 is featured on Just Dance Wii U.


The dancers are somewhat best friends. They wear a red and blue dress with a yellow, fuchsia, blue and black skirt, black socks and boots (orange and yellow for the P1 , gold and fuchsia for the P2). P2 also wears a multicolored cap on her head.


The routine takes place on a dance floor, with reflections of the dancers. There are also purple and blue spotlights.

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves in this routine:
Gold Moves 1 and 2: Put your right hand down and your left hand up. P2 does this first, followed by P1.
Gold Move 3: Point your left hand up your right hand down.


  • This is the third song by AKB48 song in the Just Dance, after Heavy Rotation and Flying Get.
  • P1 is supposed to resemble Mayu Watanabe and P2 is supposed to resemble Sashihara Rino.
    • Coincidentally, Sashihara Rino was the centre of this song.
  • The dresses and the choreography come from the music video; however, the dresses have been recoloured.
  • Some parts of the song sample Moving on Up.
  • This song is used in a TV Commercial for Just Dance Wii U.




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