"Kool Kontact" by Glorious Black Belts is featured on Just Dance 2016[1] and Just Dance Now.


Both dancers are men who are supposed to be martial artists.


P1 is shown having a red karate uniform, a black necklace, black socks yellow shoes, and an Afro.


On the other hand, P2, is shown wearing a blue karate uniform, black socks, and yellow shoes.


The background is an oriental landscape, likely based off China. The dancers appear to be on high hills in front of a large red pagoda. At times, the pagoda explodes to ashes and the hill is subsequently destroyed and turned into a volcano.

Gold Moves

There are 2 Gold Moves in this routine:
Gold Move 1: P2 Lift your right hand. P1 kick P2.
Gold Move 2: Jump in the air with both hands up.


  • This is the second routine to have martial arts references after Kung Fu Fighting.
  • On the British Just Dance YouTube channel, the title name is implied to be "Glorious Black Belts" instead of "Kool Kontact," due to the way they order the song and artist.
  • The dancers have the same skin colour as Bad Romance's P2.




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