"Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglass is featured on Just Dance 2 (as a DLC), Just Dance Summer Party, Just Dance Kids, Just Dance: Greatest Hits and Just Dance Now.


Main Series


P1 has purple hair in a samuri bun and stick, a long mustache, a red robe, black pants and black slipper shoes.


P2 has long black braided hair, a red bandana, a yellow sleeveless jumper, white leg warmers and black slipper shoes.

Just Dance Kids

The dancers are wearing black kung fu clothes, the first wears a red belt, the second a blue belt and the third a yellow belt.


The background looks like an 8-bit arcade game. There is a cherry blossom tree and the dancers have 3 bars of health. At the beginning of the song it says "Insert Coin."

Gold Moves

There are 4 Gold Moves in the routine.

Gold Move 1: P2 shoots a magic ball at P1 and P1 deflects it with an invisible bat.
Gold Moves 2 & 4: Put your arms up.
Gold Move 3: Similar to Gold Move 1 but is done with a bit more time in between so it is shown on two separate pictograms.


  • The version of the song that the games are using is a remixed version and not the original. This is the fourth song that is a remixed version, the first song is Funplex, the second song is Body Movin' (Fatboy Slim Remix) and the third song is Sympathy For The Devil.
  • When the second dancer attacks the first dancer, both of them lose one bar of their health until the next Gold Move, in which they both get a power up which restores both their health bars.
    • However, once the dance ends, both of them knock heads and they both K.O. in a Double K.O. which concludes the song as a whole.




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