"Land of 1000 Dances" by Wilson Pickett is featured on Just Dance 3 and Just Dance Now.


Datei:Athousanddances coach 1 big.png

The coach is a green alligator with yellow spines. He wears an orange shirt underneath a purple suit with yellow buttons. He also wears dancing shoes. Because of the overall background, he resembles a school teacher.


The background is a classroom. The class has 3 students: a penguin who is behind the crocodile is sitting at her desk with her pen toughing paper, in the bottom left of the screen is an orange rhino with crayons all across his desk, and in the bottom right is a fox who is covered in blue paint and has paint splattered across his desk. At the very back of the room, there is a large chalkboard which covers up almost the whole back wall. On the chalkboard there are some frigde magnets that are shaped like alphabet. It is in this order (left to right) N, b , E, M, A, n, c, f. And on the chalkboard it says land of 1000 dances in chalked cursive. In the original backround, the alphabets light up and in Just Dance Now, the alphabets light up with dimmer lights.

Gold Moves

There are 4 Gold Moves in the routine.
All: Put your hands up and bring them down slowly making claw motions.

Appearances in Mashups

Land Of 1000 Dances appears in the following Mashups:


  • This is the second song that has a school-themed background after Baby One More Time which is also in the same game.
  • The dancer's tail glitches a lot, as it sometimes overlaps the coat.
  • The coach sometimes disappears due to a glitch[1].
  • On Just Dance Wii U and Just Dance 2014, Land of 1000 Dances' avatar doesn't have the orange collar, unlike it's Just Dance 2015 version.
  • Mashed Potato Time is indirectly mentioned in the song, as was I Like It (which came after the release of this song).
  • The coach was likely to have taken inspiration from the line "Do the Alligator."
  • The penguin might be the same one from I Don't Feel Like Dancin' which is also on Just Dance 3.



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