"Le Freak" by Chic is featured on Just Dance.


The dancer is a woman with a mango-yellow fluffy afro. She wears a pair of blue short shorts, a big pair of blue earrings, a pair of big blue glasses, and a pair of blue high heels. She is also wearing an orange tank top.


The background is mostly orange with pink and blue. It has rainbows and moving stars as well as a pitch black floor.

Appearances in Mashups

Le Freak appears in the following Mashups:


Le Freak appears in Puppet/Party Master Mode. Here there are the captions attributed to this song:

  • 70's
  • 70's Groove
  • Hippie Twist
  • Push 'N' Pull
  • Rolling Clap


  • This song may be considered inappropriate for the game which is rated E10+ in the NTSC region and PEGI 3 in the PAL region. In many recent songs, Ubisoft usually censors "freak" if said. It is not censored here because freak from the line Freak out! means to go crazy.
  • This is the first disco song in the series.
  • The song has a french line; C'est Chic which translates This is Chic.
  • This coach has a striking resemblance to Ring My Bell.




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