"Louie Louie" by Iggy Pop is featured on Just Dance and Just Dance 3 as an Xbox DLC.


Louie coach 1 big
The dancer is a man with long aqua blue hair and wears a light blue singlet, blue ripped jeans, and aqua shoes. He also has bracelets on both of his wrists.


The background resembles to a red and black silhouetted forest but in Just Dance 3, the background has black falling leaves and blue smoke coming from the ground.

Shake Moves

There are 4 Shake Moves in the Just Dance routine:

Shake Move 1: Shake your arms in the air like you are playing the cymbals of a battery. It's the first move for the routine.
Shake Moves 2-4: After the first two verses and choruses of the song, wildly shake your right arm, like you're playing a guitar in the guitar solo. 

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves in the Just Dance 3 remake. These Gold Moves carry onto the track's future appearances:
Gold Move 1: During the line "Let's get it to them right now.", throw your arms out.
Gold Move 2: Smash an invisible guitar at the end of the guitar solo.
Gold Move 3: Throw your arms out while leaning forward. This is the final move of the routine.

Appearances in Mashups

Louie Louie appears in the following Mashups:


  • The song itself is not the original, it's a cover of an older version by the Kingsmen, with different lyrics than this version. That would explain ''Makes me wanna sing Louie Louie'' in the lyrics.
  • The dancer highly resembles Kurt Cobain, former lead singer of Nirvana who commited suicide in 1994. The dancer also resembles a young Iggy Pop, the artist of the song.
  • This song and Who Let The Dogs Out are the only routines to have shake moves that are different than each other.
  • The dancer resembles P2 of Mamasita.
  • There is a glitch in the Just Dance version; at the end, the dancer reappears in the start position for a while, but it immediately gets covered by the scoring display.
  • The song has the closest appearance of a Shake Move in the whole game (just 10 seconds after the start).
  • In Just Dance, the line "I think about the meaning of my life again" is spilt up as "I think about/The meaning of my life again". But in Just Dance 3, it's split up as "I think about the meaning/Of my life again".
  • The dancer appears in Video Killed the Radio Star.
  • In the Just Dance 3 version, the intro (which contains a male voice saying And now, the news) is covered by a buzzling sound. However, this buzzling sound is removed in the Just Dance Now version.[1]



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