"Love Boat" by Jack Jones (covered by Frankie Bostello in-game) is featured on Just Dance 2014 and Just Dance Now.



The coach is a young man. He wears a white tuxedo with black highlights which neatly covers a pink shirt, red bow tie, red glove, and red shoes. His pants and hair are black. He has a brownish outline.


He's standing on a red velvet deck near an ocean at sunset, also being a black piano behind the dancer that's without a leg. Deeper in the background is a sinking ship, which slowly sinks throughout the choreography. At some points in the choreography there's a couple floating on objects.

Gold Moves


The Classic routine has a total of 2 Gold Moves:
Gold Move 1: Brush off sweat from your head with your both hands.
Gold Move 2: With both hands outstretched, do a leap. It's the final move for the routine.


The Mashup has a total of 2 Gold Moves:
Gold Move 1: Put your left hand on your hips and raise your right hand (U Can't Touch This).
Gold Move 2: With both hands outstretched, do a leap. It's the final move for the Mashup (Love Boat). 


Love Boat has a Mashup that can only be unlocked in August.


(No repeats)

Appearances in Mashups

Love Boat makes appearances in the following Mashups:

Party Master Mode

Love Boat has a Party Master Mode. Here are the captions that appear in order of appearance:

(Captions in bold indicate a Song Switch.)


  • Although not credited, this is the first Jack Jones song in the series.
  • This is the first dance to have a TV show theme.
  • The original song is for a TV show of the same name, The Love Boat.
  • The dancer looks like Justin Timberlake when he had short hair.
  • He looks like the same dancer for It's Not Unusual, Forget You and Superstition.
  • The dancer jumps and "freezes" in mid-air at the end, similar to the dancers for Baby One More Time.
  • It originally had a different choreography as you can see in pictos-sprite.png.
  • If you look closely in the background, there are two people floating on a plank of wood. They might be Jack and Rose which would be a reference to the Titanic theme.
  • The JD logo appears on the piano.
  • The dancer's platform is actually floating on water. This could mean that the dancer was one of the victims of the sinking ship, but wouldn't explain the piano's pristine state.
  • This is the first song Frankie Bostello has covered. The second one is Mahna Mahna in Just Dance 2015 and the third one is Copacabana in Just Dance 2016.
  • Wesley Enriquez created a dress for Animal Crossing New Leaf inspired from this song; its name is Love Boat Tuxedo.
  • This song holds the record for the second highest number of Beta Pictograms (43).
  • In the Mashup, some pictograms are missing during It's You’s appearance.
    • Also, Funplex's Gold Moves were removed.



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