"Love Is All" by Roger Glover & The Butterfly Ball (covered by The Sunlight Shakers) is featured on Just Dance 2015, Just Dance Now, and Just Dance 2015 China.


The routine is a duet with a woman and a man, the latter starting off as a frog.


  • Golden tiara
  • Orange hair
  • Pink dress
  • Pink heels



  • Red stripes
  • Orange and red diamond top
  • Orange and red pointed shoes


  • Black hair
  • Royal red top with a yellow lace circle
  • Black pants
  • Orange cape
  • Brown boots


It changes a lot throughout the routine: it starts in a square with a fountain, where P2 starts growing up and playing mandoline. Then it takes place on many woods in front of a brown cathedral. Then it takes place in a lagoon, and, in the violin's part, a pink heart covers the screen. Then they return to the castle, and then to the square.

Gold Moves


There is 1 Gold Move for each coach in the Classic routine:

  • P1: Put both hands under your chin.
  • P2: Stand straight up and flex with your right arm.


There is 1 Gold Move in the Mashup:

Gold Move: Pose with your right hand on your chin while supporting your right hand with your left hand (Die Young)


Love Is All has an unlockable Mashup with the theme Sisters Duet, meaning that it's composed of female duets (excluding Love Is All, which is one male and one female).


(No repeats)

[GM] - indicates a Gold Move.


  • The backgrounds and dancers are references to the fairy tale, The Princess and the Frog.
  • This is the second time that only one coach in a duet transforms, with the first time being Gangnam Style.
    • In this case, P2 turns from a frog into a prince after being kissed by P1 which is another reference to The Princess and the Frog.
  • In some images, P1 wears a blue dress. This was changed to pink. However, in some images, her pictograms are still blue. You can find P1 with this colour while uploading an autodance, or in the playlist photo.
  • This is the fourth song covered by The Sunlight Shakers after Who Let the Dogs Out?, Jump in the Line, and Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In.
  • This is the fourth time in which a Raving Rabbid makes a cameo in the background, after When I Grow UpHere Comes the Hotstepper and Make The Party (Don't Stop).
    • Coincidentally, every other game features a Ravin Rabbid somewhere in the background.
    • However, this is the first time that the Rabbid does not appear live during gameplay, but more as a animated cartoon.
  • The frog is found on the CD cover, and in the music video.
  • This is the third time in which a coach teleports, after Tell Your World and Love Me Again.
  • The pictogram bar flashes very fast at the violin part.
  • The routine contains many elements from Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends, two games also made by Ubisoft.
    • There are even characters from the game.
  • The cover is faster than the original version of this song.
  • P2 in his frog form was used on the official Just Dance picture for Saint Patrick's Day.
  • On the Xbox 360 store (console only), you may find a beta element; the singing hearts are visible, but they are blue instead of the pond (referred to countryside).
  • This song was first seen briefly in the Just Dance 2015 trailer; in that moment, P1 was wearing a beta outfit (her dress was blue instead of pink).
  • P1 loosely resembles Burn, which is also on Just Dance 2015.




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