"Love Machine" by Morning Musume is featured on Just Dance Wii U.


They're four girls.

P1 wears a light blue jacket, black bobbed hair, Bordeaux bra, flesh pink glove, black shorts, high black socks and black shoes.

P2 has black hair in a chignon, light blue jacket, yellow dress, yellow glove, high black socks with yellow borders and black shoes.

P3 has blond hair, light blue crop top, red-and-black bra, orange glove, an ochre skirt, high black socks with purple borders and black heels.

P4 has short black hair, light blue long jacket, orange jumpsuit with a black belt, dark yellow glove, high black socks with pinkish-red borders and black shoes.


The dancers are supposed to be in a flying starship with animated floor. The background changes constantly: first, there is from a sunny sky full of clouds, then it becomes orange with a sunset theme. Then the starship gets down from the sky and stays floating on a night city and it starts to fly fast on it.

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves in this routine:
Gold Move 1: Every player pushes the other from the right to the left (akin to You're the First, the Last, My Everything).
Gold Move 2 (P2): P2 pushes P1 and P4 away from her.
Gold Move 2 (P3): Lower your right arm, doing a semicircle in the air.
Gold Move 2 (P1): A bit similar to P3.
Gold Move 3 (P1 - P3) Gold Move 2 (P4): Hit the air with the right arm above the other.
Gold Move 3 (P4): Lower your arms.


  • This is the second song by Morning Musume song in the series, after Love Revolution.
    • Coincidentally, both of them are about love.
  • P2's dress look similar to the one from The Way and American Girl except for the fringes.
  • This is the 3rd longest song in the whole JD Wii series with 4 minutes and 57 seconds; the 2nd is Kiss Datte Hidarikiki, that lasts 5 minutes, and the 1st is Heavy Rotation (5 minutes 1 second).
  • The player's positions are altered in the menu icon. The order is P3-P4-P2-P1.
  • The first coach (P1) sometimes lip syncs to the song.




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