Hier geht es um John Newman's song. Nicht zu verwechseln mit EXILE's song with a similar name.

"Love Me Again" by John Newman is featured on Just Dance 2015 and Just Dance 2015 China.

Appearance of the Dancer

Lovemeagain coach 1

The dancer is a man who dresses with a rather classy style. He wears a pair of square-framed sunglasses and has a moustache and beard, mostly going underneath his head (similar to a goatee). His neatly combed hair is in a shade of dark brown nearing black. He is in a dark blue jacket with a light blue shirt, grey vest, and a black bow tie. His tight pants are dark blue and his shoes are grey, black, blue, and white.


The background is mostly red with blue, white, and black flying lines. The lyrics to the song show up on the background like devils, angels, risin' for the ground, risin' up to you, i need to know now, can you love me again, i told you once i can't do this again, demons and many more.

Gold Moves


There are 4 Gold Moves in the Classic routine:

Gold Moves 1 and 3: Punch downward.
Gold Move 2: Hit the floor. (Similar to that of Funhouse)
Gold Move 4: Raise your arms. This is the final move for the routine.


The Mashup has 5 Gold Moves:

Gold Moves 1 and 4: Lift your leg and cross your arms as you hit them toward the ground. (Problem)
Gold Move 2: Raise your hands up. (Wild)
Gold Move 3: Lean to the right and move your hands up like a snake. (Feel So Right)
Gold Move 5: Raise your arms. This is the final move for the Mashup. (Love Me Again)


Love Me Again has a Mashup with the theme Ex-Girlfriends. It can be unlocked for 20 Mojo coins on the Wii but with the use of Uplay for 30 Uplay points on all other consoles.


(No repeats)

[GM#] - indicates a Gold Move. The # refers to the Gold Move's number.

Community Remix

Love Me Again has a Community Remix.

The following are featured:

  • chaDancx [Brazil]
  • BISTECAEPC [Brazil]
  • Snakelyn623 [USA]
  • dance2dancer [USA]
  • azaelsp98 [Mexico]
  • Allison Uzumaki [Brazil]
  • Tchoyce [Brazil]
  • AldoJustCentral [Mexico]
  • Sergio Tokio [Mexico]
  • maquedaelias14 [Mexico]
  • edulazlox131097 [Mexico]
  • Cenarix77 [Mexico]
  • bunbuhbuh [USA]
  • Tiger_MaNater454 [USA]
  • xmichaeldong92 [USA]
  • LocoPage3246756 [Brazil]
  • GarciaBoys [USA]
  • number1daddy711 [USA]
  • WormierSpoon71 [Mexico]
  • RAGAKT [Brazil]
  • klakisyanyan [Mexico]
  • ANezachem [Russia]
  • TheFairyDina [France]
  • CMCG04 [USA]
  • TiagoLott [Brazil]
  • Ylsus88 [USA]

Appearances in Mashups

Love Me Again is featured in the following Mashups:


Love Me Again appears in Party Master Modes. Here are the captions attributed to his dance moves:

  • Elegant Lock
  • Too Cool For You


  • The dancer resembles Blame, which is also a song by John Newman.
    • However this is the only John Newman song in which he is the main artist.
  • The second Gold Move Pictogram is directly reused from Funhouse.
  • According to the Behind The Scenes Video, this choreography was shot accelerated that the footage was slowed down afterwards. The effect of this is seen in the third chorus.
  • This is the second time the coach moves from side to side, but with an edited movement, so it seems he is like floating or teleporting through the space. The first time was in Tell Your World.
  • The dancer makes a cameo in Uptown Funk.
  • This dancer can be seen on top of the loading bar when saving an Autodance.
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf features a cloth called Blue Casual Tuxedo, which is inspired from this song.
  • Almost 30 seconds of the instrumental part from 2:15 to 2:43 has been cut from the routine.
  • This is the only song in Just Dance 2015 with a Mashup that you have to unlock with Uplay.
    • However, the Mashup costs 20 Mojo Coins on the Wii.
  • The coach won in the Favorite Male Coach category on the second Just Dance Awards.
  • Feel So Right's Gold Move is removed the first time done.
  • This is one of the songs selected for the Just Dance 2015 World Cup.[1]
  • The lyrics say ''They rule the worst of me'', but the background lyrics say ''worst in me''.




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