"女々しくて (Memeshikute)" by Golden Bomber is featured on Just Dance Wii U.


There are 4 male dancers which look like members of a band.
Memeshikute Coach 1 Extraction


  • Brown hair
  • Blue unbuttoned jacket
  • Zebra shirt
  • Black tie
  • Dark blue pants
  • Grey shoes
  • Red glove
  • Plays the bass
Memeshikute Coach 2 Extraction


  • Looks shirtless
  • Black hair
  • Facepaint 
  • Dark pink scarf
  • Jeans with black belt
  • Looks like his feet have no shoes
  • Plays the drums
  • Light blue glove
Memeshikute Coach 3 Extraction


  • Blonde hair
  • Black and cream colored suit/pants/shoes
  • Gray tie
  • Orange glove
  • Resembles the singer from Golden Bomber
  • The coach looks a bit similar to Steven Tyler from Aerosmith
  • Sings
Memeshikute Coach 4 Extraction


  • The most detailed dancer
  • Blonde and black hair
  • Black jacket with leopard pattern on it
  • Gray shirt 
  • Golden tie
  • Red pants with black stripes and black belt
  • Black shoes
  • Dark blue glove
  • Plays the guitar


The background is an on-stage concert with an audience, lights and cardboard animals with people in them appearing randomly backstage in the song. It then changes to a Japanese (possibly in Tokyo) street with lots of signs, lights, a bicycle and a man behind the dancers.

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves in the routine, all of which are the same.
All: Make a stop sign with your hand (first P1, then P4, then P2 and P3 together).


  • The pictogram colours are the same of the coaches' trousers.
  • P1 resembles Dance My Generation.
  • P2 makes a cameo in Dance My Generation's background, but he wears different clothes.
  • The body of the 2nd dancer doesn't have the typical skin tone. It has a more yellowish color, a little bit similar to Hot n Cold. Maybe he's wearing a yellowish bodysuit, or his face is painted white while his chest is yellowish.
  • It's one of the few Dance Crews where each dancer has his own avatar, along with Wild Wild West.
  • The dance and dancers take a lot of inspiration from the music video.
    • Some moves from the chorus are taken out from the music video.
  • The hairstyles are inspired from the music video; the only difference is the absence of the red hat that should be worn by P2.
  • P3 is in front of all the dancers for the whole routine. He's likely the leader of the band.
  • P2 reuses a move from Sexy And I Know It.
  • This is the second time that a Dance Crew pretends to play instruments after I Was Made For Lovin' You.
  • This is the second song by Golden Bomber in the series, after Dance My Generation in the same game.




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