Hier geht es um Michael Jackson's song. Nicht zu verwechseln mit the song from Cabaret or ABBA's song.

"Money" by Michael Jackson is featured on Michael Jackson: The Experience.


The dancer looks like Michael Jackson. He has Michael Jackson's hairstyle and wears a red tuxedo over a white shirt. There is a black cuff on the dancer's left arm. The dancer also wears black dress shoes.


The background is very simple, compared the other backgrounds in the game. The dance takes place in a room with dark blue walls and a black polished floor. There is a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and a red and black chair at the left. At the right, there is golden word art that says, "MONEY."

Gold Moves

There are two Gold Moves, and all are the same.

All Gold Moves: After you move your hand in the form of a cross, put your left hand on your brother (while slightly bending) and raise your right arm to the side.

Mjte money gold move

All Gold Moves



Michael Jackson The Experience Money

Michael Jackson The Experience Money

Michael Jackson - Money

Michael Jackson - Money

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