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"Moskau" by Dschinghis Khan (covered by Dancing Bros.), is featured on Just Dance 2014, Just Dance Now and Just Dance Unlimited.


The dancers are a man and woman with the following features:


  • Red beret with yellow dots
  • Dark green military jacket with red shoulder pads
  • A black mustache
  • Black pants with a cyan belt
  • Yellow boots.


  • Pigtails with colorful scrunchies
  • A sleeveless black jacket
  • Blue shirt
  • Long red skirt with red and yellow lines.
  • Red boots


The background seems to be a scene of Red Square, Moscow. There are traditional Russian buildings and there is ongoing snowfall, as well as a colourful spectrum of spotlights in the background flashing. The overall background seems to resemble Rasputin’s.

Gold Moves


There are 3 Gold Moves in the Classic routine:

Gold Move 1: Point to the right of the screen with your right hand while your left hand remains by your hip (do it slowly).
Gold Moves 2 and 3: Open your arms while bending over (P1 bends to the right and P2 bends to the left). It is slightly harder to achieve on the Wii.


There are 2 Gold Moves in the Mashup:

Gold Move 1: Kneel on your right knee and make a circle with your right arm. (Done with Crazy Christmas)
Gold Move 2: Make a stop sign with your right hand in front of you and your left hand by your hips. (Done with U Can't Touch This)


Moskau has a Mashup which can be unlocked for 5 Mojocoins.


(No repeats)

Appearances in Mashups

Moskau appears in the following Mashups:


  • This was the first German song in the series. The second was 99 Luftballons which is from the same game.
    • Coincidentally, both are covered.
  • Some of the original dance moves for the song are used.
  • The man is dressed French, and the girl is dressed Italian.
    • Neither of these are dressed Russian, which is strange for a song about Moscow.
  • On the Xbox 360, many more moves are counted for, not just the left arm and leg movements but the clapping and some arm movements are counted many more times than other consoles (including the Xbox One and PlayStation 4's camera).
  • At the end, the coaches do moves from Rasputin.
  • There are some lyrics errors. For example, it says Nachts da Teufel ist der los instead of Nachts da ist der Teufel los and Mädchen Küssen sind zum da instead of Mädchen sind zum Küssen da
  • Wodka, which translates to Vodka, should have been censored because it refers to an alcoholic beverage. 




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