"Mugsy Baloney" by Charleston is featured on Just Dance 2, Just Dance 3 (as a DLC), Just Dance: Best Of and Just Dance Now.


The background is on a stage with a shiny floor and light reflectors on it.


Both look like characters from the 20's.


P1 is a female with short orange hair, a purple feather in her head, an orange left glove and accesories, a pink charleston dress and melon shoes.


P2 is a male with a dark orange and purple hat, a purple shirt, pink suspenders, a stripped pink tie, melon pants and white and purple shoes.

Gold Moves

The number of Gold Moves varies in the versions; in Just Dance 2 there are 4 gold moves for P1 and 4 gold moves for P2, in Just Dance 3 there is a total of 5 gold moves for both dancers, and in Just Dance Now, there are 2 gold moves for each dancer.

Just Dance 2

Gold Moves 1 & 3 (P1): Open your hands quickly.

Gold Moves 2 & 4 (P1): Open your hands quickly in the opposite direction.

Gold Move 1 (P2): Point to the right.

Gold Move 2 & 3 (P2): Point to the left.

Gold Move 4 (P2): Stand with your arms down and somewhat a little back.

Just Dance 3

Gold Moves 1 & 4:

  • P1: Open your hands quickly.
  • P2: Point at P1 with the right arm above your head.

Gold Move 2:

  • P1: Open your arms to P2.
  • P2: Point at the right.

Gold Moves 3 & 5:

  • P1: Open your arms to P2.
  • P2: Point at the left.

Just Dance Now

Gold Moves 1 & 2 (P1): Open your hands quickly.

Gold Move 1 (P2): Point at the right.

Gold Move 2 (P2): Point at the left.

Appearances in Mashups

Mugsy Baloney is featured in the following Mashup:


  • This is one of the Charleston songs that doesn't involve singing.
  • This is the third oldest song in the series. The oldest song is William Tell Overture which predates this song by 95 years followed by Hungarian Dance No. 5, which predates this song by 44 years. The second oldest is Jingle Bells.
  • At the start (Xbox Version only) there is a spotlight moving.
  • The floor reflection on Just Dance 3 is darker than Just Dance 2.
  • In Just Dance 3 there are more details, especially on the left and right edges. In Just Dance 3 the place has more light while in Just Dance 2 it seems a bit darker.
  • At some points of the choreography, it looks like the programmer recorded it at high speed due to the fact that the coaches move really fast.
  • The background resembles that of Dynamite.
  • If you look closely, you can notice the girl's dress is very glitchy and doesn't have a persistent colour: in fact it makes little flashes and sometimes it looks magenta and red with fading effect but other times it looks completely magenta.
  • In the preview gameplay of Just Dance 2, P1's pictograms have blue arrows that should be used for P2's pictograms.
  • Despite the fact that P2 wears a striped tie in the routine, his avatar doesn't.



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