"Never Can Say Goodbye" by Gloria Gaynor is featured on Just Dance 2015, Just Dance Now and Just Dance 2015 China.


Nevercansay coach 1
The dancer is a girl that resembles Gloria Gaynor. She has black power hair and is wearing a pair of red metallic pants and an orange bra. Besides these articles of clothing, she is not wearing any top. She also has a jacket with only its top half remaining, a red bandana on her neck, and brown platform lace up heels. There is a chain attached to her pants.


The background seems to be in front of a stage. There is a huge rollerblade on a platform in the centre of the stage, and backup dancers wearing rollerblades are skating around the stage. For much of the song, red, purple, yellow, and pink pebbles circulate around the stage.

Gold Moves


Both Gold Moves: Throw open both arms from their cross over your chest.


Gold Move: Spin your left hand in a clockwise direction and your right hand in a counter-clockwise direction at the same time (Iko Iko).


Never Can Say Goodbye has an unlockable Mashup with the theme "Best of JD 2", and only features dancers from Just Dance 2.


(No repeats)

[GM] - indicates a Gold Move.

Appearances in Mashups

Never Can Say Goodbye appears in the following Mashup:


Never Can Say Goodbye appears in Party Master Modes. Here are the captions attributed to her dance moves:

  • Disco Drama
  • Disco Mill





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