"Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley is featured on Just Dance 4 and Just Dance Unlimited.


Nevergonna coach 1 big

The dancer, a man, is dressed up as a superhero. He has brown combed hair and wears a purple jumpsuit over his orange undershirt, orange underwear over his jumpsuit, a yellow cape with a pair of straps and yellow boots. He also wears an orange mask over his eyes.


The routine takes place at the rooftop of a windowless building with a city behind. There are neon signs, lit buildings and several other structures. Lasers, a Godzilla-like monster, fighter jets, the Titanic, numerous giant robots, UFOs and meteorites are also visible in the background. At one point during the song, the moon turns out to be a distress signal with a mask and moves around temporarily. A sign in the background reads "SOUNDS," but the letters U, N and D are flickering so "SOS" is read instead.

Gold Moves

This song has 5 Gold Moves, all of which are all the same.

All: A punch in the air. It occurs when "Never gonna give you up" is sung.

Dance Quests

  • One player gets 3 stars
  • One player gets 5 stars
  • Get 5 stars on the Dance Mash-Up
  • Get all Gold Moves
  • Get the "Creative" Dance style
  • Get GOOD when "Never gonna say goodbye" is sung


Never Gonna Give You Up has a Mashup exclusive to the Wii U.


(No repeats)

Puppet Master Mode

Never Gonna Give You Up has a Puppet Master Mode on the Wii U. Here are the captions in order of appearance:


Never Gonna Give You Up has a Battle against Moves Like Jagger. For the battle, click here.

Appearances in Mashups

Never Gonna Give You Up appears in the following Mashups:


Never Gonna Give You Up appears in Puppet/Party Master Modes. Here are the captions attributed to his dance moves:

  • Cape Dance
  • Super Groovy
  • Super Snap
  • Super Whip
  • Super Woodpecker
  • Wonder Boy
  • Wonder Walk


  • It seems that the dancer disregards the problems of the city, since he ignores all that is going on behind him.
  • The Titanic may have been recycled from Night Boat To Cairo.
  • The coach's avatar has eyes in Just Dance 2014 but not in Just Dance 2015.
  • At the end of the dance, the superhero tries to fly down the building but trips onto the floor, with a Wilhelm scream being heard.
  • The coach has appeared in many advertisements for Just Dance 4.
  • In the Mashup, the final Wild Wild West pictogram is purple instead of the original red.
  • A "JUST DANCE" sign can be seen at the far background, to the right.
  • An achievement can be obtained by winning the battle with this dancer.
  • In the Puppet Master Mode for this song, the coach does not fall flat to the ground. Instead, he actually flies away like a superhero.
  • At the end of the 4x4 Mashup, the pictograms are not synced with the moves.
  • This is the first song in the series to be based off an Internet meme (in this case, rickrolling).
  • The background for this song appears as a glitch in My Main Girl with the words TEMPLATE. This could be supposed to be a rickroll.
  • This dancer appears in the background of Uptown Funk.



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