"No Control" by One Direction is featured on Just Dance 2016[1] and Just Dance Now.


The routine is a dance crew of four men. All of them are styled as black and white cutouts.


P1 wears a bright gray shirt, black skinny jeans with black suspenders, another shirt with black and gray squares tied to his waist, sunglasses, a black bracelet and dark gray boots.


P2 wears dark gray ripped skinny jeans, a gray bracelet, a black leather jacket, sunglasses,black boots, a light gray fedora styled hat and a gray shirt.


P3 wears black skinny jeans, a light gray shirt, a light gray bracelet, a dark gray jacket, black sneakers and sunglasses.


P4 wears black skinny jeans, a black bracelet, a light gray sweater with no arms and a gray denim jacket over it, a light gray beanie, sunglasses and black and light gray sneakers.


The background varies from colors such as red, blue and purple. It also has moving triangles, similar to that of Get Lucky. In the bridge, there are blue spinning circles, similar to that of Get Low.

Gold Moves

There are 5 Gold Moves in this routine:

Gold Move 1 and 2: Move accordingly :

  • P1 : Shake your right hand as if you're playing an air guitar (akin to Funplex).
  • P2 : Crush your hands (akin to She Looks So Perfect).
  • P3 : Throw your right hand up twice.
  • P4 : Shake your hands down and up.

Gold Move 3 and 4: This is a right-to-left Wave Gold Move:

  • P4: Play an air guitar, slowly.
  • P3: Point to the screen with the right hand
  • P2: Same as P3, but crossing legs.
  • P1: Move your right hand slowly to the left-up.

Gold Move 5: This is the end of the routine. Same as Gold Move 3 & 4, but done together. Also, P4 kneels.





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