"One Night Carnival" by 氣志團 (Kishidan) is featured on Just Dance Wii.


He looks like a rock star or a guard. He has black shaved hair with a yellow punk crest, a big black and red coat with three Japanese letters on the back, orange glove, black pants and red shoes.


It looks like a garage with Japanese letters written on the walls, two motorbikes and clones of the dancer with slightly different colours and hairstyles: the 1st has purple and black clothes and black punk crest; the 2nd has aqua and black clothes and a higher punk crest; the 3rd has ochre and black clothes and short black hair; the 4th has yellow and black clothes with sunglasses and no hair.

Gold Moves

In this routine, there are 3 gold moves.
Gold Move 1: Point your right arm to the screen with your left arm down (akin to The World is Ours and U Can't Touch This).
Gold Move 2: Put your hands on your chest in a romantic pose.
Gold Move 3: Put your right arm like to point your right while putting your left hand on your face.


  • This is the first routine with more than one character dancing with the coach, but of course these clones aren't playable. This also happens with Oh No!, Rich Girl, Hey Mama, Happy and Dance My Generation.
  • The motorbikes look very similar to the ones of Born To Be Wild; they were likely recycled.
  • On the menu icon, the coach wears sunglasses, even though he doesn't have them during the routine.
  • This song has two avatars in the Just Dance Wii U Avatar Shop: one looks like the coach and the other looks like one of the background dancers.
    • This is the first time a non-playable dancer has his/her own avatar.



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