Hier geht es um Rihanna's song. Nicht zu verwechseln mit Major Lazer's song or Iyaz's song with similar names.

"Pon de Replay" by Rihanna is featured on Just Dance 2 (as a DLC) and Just Dance: Greatest Hits.


Pon coach 1 big

The coach is a woman who has black skin and pink, flowing hair. She wears a light blue skirt with a hood, a pair of red pants and a pair of glowing pink boots. In her remake she is more realistic and a little bit of her glowing is removed.


The routine takes place in a dark room with black columns and purple ceiling lights. The coach is standing on an illuminating square which releases an upward stream of blue light.

Gold Moves

There are 4 Gold Moves in the routine, all of which are the same:
Put your right hand up and shake your body when the line ''Turn the music up'' is sung.

Appearances in Mashups

Pon de Replay appears in the following Mashups:




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