"Rock Lobster" by The B-52's is featured on Just Dance 4.


The dancers are a woman dressed in pink and a lobster in retro clothing, they wear the following:


P1 is a woman with pink hair tied in pigtails. She is in a small sleeveless pink-and-purple dress and she wears lavender socks and a pair of brown shoes. She also wears a dark brown wristwatch on her left wrist along with purple square earrings.


P2 is a male red lobster in retro-style clothing. He has two huge pincers. His left claw is red; his right claw is, however, painted yellow-green for motion controller guidance reasons. He also has two antennae sticking out of his combed black hair. He also has a black moustache over his lips. He has a pair of big black square-framed sunglasses on, and he wears a black leather jacket over an white T-shirt, as well as a pair of orange jeans and a pair of black shoes.


The routine begins in an aqua background. Then, a blue-and-yellow fish, a watermelon, a pineapple, a banana, a pair of sandals, cherries and a drink appears. Suddenly backgrounds from other routines appear in a comic form.

Gold Moves

The song has 2 Gold Moves which are both the same.

Both: Squat slightly and hold your hands out as fists.

Dance Quests

  • Two players get 3 stars on both choreographies
  • One player gets 5 stars
  • Get 5 stars on the Dance Mash-Up
  • Get all Gold Moves
  • Get the "Twins" Dance style
  • Get GOOD while honking


Rock Lobster has an unlockable Mashup which is available on all consoles.


(no repeats)


Rock Lobster has a battle against Tribal Dance. For the battle, click here.




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