"Sansei Kawaii" by SKE48 is featured on Just Dance Wii U.


Sansei Kawaii! Half Dancer

The dancer is a female teenager with long black hair. She wears a pink flower in her hair, a pink, blue and yellow multicolored dress, and yellow-and-pink boots. She has a black outline and a lime outline going over it.


The background is some multicolored diagonal stripes, many bubbles, kaleidoscopic shapes, cut oranges and more. The color of the stripes and patterns changes from yellow and orange, to orange and pink, to blue and cyan.

Gold Moves

There are 6 Gold Moves in this routine:
Gold Moves 1, 2, 3 and 6: Raise your right hand up and lift your left foot.
Gold Move 4: Make a heart with your hands.
Gold Move 5: Put your hands under your chin and jump.


  • This is the one of two songs by SKE48 in Just Dance Wii U, with the other being Kiss Datte Hidarikiki.
  • This song has an avatar that looks like an orange, to represent the background (like the jellyfish in EZ DO DANCE and the sushi in Dance de Bakōn!).
  • The dancer looks similar to P2 from 99 Luftballons and Starships.
  • The dress and the choreo are from the music video. The dress has a different color palette; however, the original version doesn't feature shades of white. Every outfit inspired from the music video are changed to not confuse it with the skin; but, this time, it wouldn't happen even if they used the original palette.




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