"So Good" by B.o.B. appears in the files on Just Dance Now, and may physically appear in the game at a later date, and on The Hip Hop Dance Experience.


Sogood coach 1 big.png

Just Dance

The dancer is wearing a gray and red vest over a yellow shirt. His hair is orange and he has orange shorts. He is also carrying a skateboard.

The Hip Hop Dance Experience

The coach is a woman. She has black hair with a blond strand, a black polo, denim shorts and yellow boots.


Just Dance

The background looks like a city with colored arrows. It turns to night at the chorus.

The Hip Hop Dance Experience

It changes a lot throughout the routine. In the verses, it's a disco with checkered floor and many LED lights, and a big screen showing clips from the official music video of the song. Then the screen disappears, and the whole area is blue, pink or green and covered by a blue fog.

Gold Moves

Based on the JDNow pictograms, there is a gold move. And according to the .json file, there are 3 gold moves and they are all the same.

All Gold Moves: Throw your arms out while standing straight (similar to that of Fine China's extreme version).


  • The song's existence was found by jailbreaking iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and getting Cydia and iFile.
  • This will be B.o.B.'s third song in the series, after Price Tag, and Airplanes, both of which are in Just Dance 3, but this is the first song in which he is the sole person credited.
  • Basing on this song's original icon, the buildings weren't going to have an outline.
  • If you explore this song's Just Dance Now files, you will be able to notice that {{"OriginalJDVersion: 4"}} is visible. It also says that difficulty is Normal (which roughly translates to a Medium difficulty).



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