"Somethin' Stupid" by Frank & Nancy Sinatra (covered by Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman in-game) is featured on Just Dance 3 and Just Dance Now.



P1 is a female mermaid with red hair (seastar on her head), yellow shell bikini top, and a pink tail with a yellow fin.


P2 is a male deep sea diver with an orange, yellow and pink suit.


The dance takes place underwater with fishes. The background is completely blue with spotlights. Even the marine animals and water plants are in shades of blue.

Gold Moves

The routine has 4 Gold Moves, all of which are the same:
All: P1, give your hand to P2, and P2, kiss P1's hand while kneeling.

Appearances in Mashups

Somethin' Stupid appears in the following Mashup:


  • This song is a cover of another song with the same name from 1967, by Frank Sinatra and his daughter Nancy; then Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman covered it in 2001.
    • This makes the song Robbie William's first on the series; it is followed by Candy.
    • Although not credited, this is also Nancy Sinatra's first song in the series; it's followed by These Boots Are Made For Walkin'.
  • There's an avatar of second dancer in Just Dance 4, 2014 and 2015.
    • For Just Dance 2015, you can only unlock the avatar with saved data from previous games.
    • The avatar of P1 makes its only appearance in Just Dance 4. Although, P1's avatar was going to return in Just Dance 2014, according to the Beta version of the game.
    • This is the first time where an avatar from Just Dance 4 did not return for Just Dance 2014. The second time happened to P2's avatar from A-Punk.
  • The background appears in Rock Lobster on Just Dance 4.
  • This is one of the few Just Dance 3 routines in which both the Difficulty and Effort are set at 1, along with the Hold My Hand mode of Giddy on Up (Giddy on Out), Airplanes and Baby Don't Stop Now.
  • In some parts, the mermaid's pictogram is orange instead of pink, and the deep sea diver's pictogram is pink instead of orange.
  • P1 resembles Ariel from The Little Mermaid.



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