"Soul Bossa Nova" by Quincy Jones and His Orchestra is featured on Just Dance 2.



P1 is a woman with blue hair, a yellow headband, a yellow half sleeve dress with crazy blue and pink circles, and orange stiletto boots.


P2 is a man with orange hair, an orange blazer, a purple button shirt, pink and purple pinstripe pants, and white shoes.


The background is mostly blue with some stage lights, the legs of two women (each on one side) kicking their legs to pistols.

Gold Moves

There are 4 Gold Moves in this routine.
All: Throw your arms out in a semi-circle going down.


  • In the Beta version, there were incorrect pictograms from I Want You Back; this was fixed in the final version.[1]
  • There is a photo that shows the cover of the game with these two dancers in a different color scheme.
  • This is one of few routines in which all the dancers have the exact same glove color, which is fuchsia.
  • In the preview video, there are completely different score tracks with different scores design. It's most likely an early Beta, since there is "GREAT" instead of "GOOD" (like in Just Dance) and there are no Gold Moves.
    • These Beta elements can be seen also in the first trailer of the game.
    • The score design has been changed for unknown reasons, likely because it was too complex.
  • The background was different in its Beta stage.
  • This song is from the movie Austin Powers.
  • P1 resembles TiK ToK.
  • P2 resembles P2 from Barbie Girl.
  • Quincy Jones would later produce Kaboom Pow in Just Dance 2016.
  • In the files, there are some pictograms that look like JD1 pictograms: this means that the pictograms from this game weren't going to be different. Plus, 3 other pictograms are not transparent.



Just Dance 2 - Quincy Jones and His Orchestra - Soul Bossa Nova High Quality

Just Dance 2 - Quincy Jones and His Orchestra - Soul Bossa Nova High Quality


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