"Soul Searchin" by Groove Century is featured on Just Dance 3 (as a Wii DLC and a PS3 exclusive song) and on Just Dance Now.


Just Dance 3

The dancer is a man dressed in 50's fashion:

  • Dark blue afro-style hair
  • Blue sunglasses
  • Purple jacket with a teal collar and highlights
  • Magenta shirt underneath
  • Purple pants with black belt
  • Dark purple shoes

Just Dance Now

His remake features him with black hair instead of the original blue. His sunglasses are also now black, his suit is now in a dark shade of pink and the collar is yellow, his undershirt is cyan, and his belt is black.


The dance starts after the appearance of the writing "Soul Searchin'", then the dancer and the background appear. It looks like a stage, with circular shapes with lights that turn on during "Soul Searchin'", and the word SOUL on the floor.

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves in this routine, all of which are the same:

All: Put your hands up while rotating your basin.

Appearances in Mashups

Soul Searchin' is featured in the following mashup:




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