"Stadium Flow" by Imposs is featured on Just Dance 2016.[2][3][4]


Stadiumflow coach 1 big
The dancer is a man who is wearing a pair of spectacle glasses and a yellow and red pullover, along with a pair of black drop-crotch trousers and black booties.


The background contains various colours. It changes colours before the chorus, and the word Imposs appears throughout the song.

Gold Moves

There are 2 Gold Moves in this routine, both of which are the same:
Both Gold Moves: Put your hand down.


Gold Moves 1 and 2: Slowly bring both your hands down in a side-curve motion. (Super Bass)
Gold Moves 3 and 5: Raise your hands up in a semi-circle. (Wild)
Gold Move 4: Spin your hands in the air and spin your waist. (Can't Get Enough)


Stadium Flow has a Mashup with the theme High Energy Girls, which cannot be reached in the United States. It features energetic female dancers.


(no repeats)

Appearances in Mashups

Stadium Flow appears in the following Mashup:


Stadium Flow appears in Party Master Modes in Just Dance 2016. Here are the captions for his dance moves:

  • Hip Hop Show
  • I am so good I can jump
  • Yo Yo Yo


  • This is one of four songs produced by Ubisoft to have a music video, along with Dance All Nite, Miss Understood and Feel So Right.
  • The Beatles, Superman and Don Cheadle are referenced in the lyrics for this song.
  • This is the third song by Imposs in the series, after Feel So Right and You're On My Mind.
    • This is the first of his appearances to not have a featuring artist.
  • This song was used as the background theme for the official Just Dance 2016 release advert.[5]
  • The routine recycles a move from Let's Groove.
  • The song has been shortened by thirteen seconds for the game.
  • The mashup's theme is almost identical to the theme of Hangover (BaBaBa)’s mashup.




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