"Surfin' Bird" by The Trashmen is featured on Just Dance.

Appearance of the Dancer

Surfinbird coach 1 big

The dancer is a man wearing a black and white hat, a black pair of glasses, a tuxedo with a tie, very black plants, and black shoes.


Just Dance

The background appears to be some kind of formal border. The border is olive green with black outlines.

Just Dance Now

The background is very similar; however, there are some black dots that fly quickly to the right. During the surfing part, the dots move to the top of the screen; after it, the dots move to the left.

Shake Moves

There is only one Shake Move in this routine:

Only Shake Move: Shake both of your hands up and down.


  • This is one of three dancers in Just Dance that has only one color besides white, along with Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Womanizer.
  • The beta version was going to have a different background. It was a pixelated black wide ongoing road; it was changed for reasons unknown.
  • This song's shake move lasts for the longest period of time as compared to all the other shake moves on the game.
  • The dancer has the darkest color scheme compared to all the neon on the other dancers.
  • This song has one of the lowest amounts of pictograms in the game (after Mashed Potato Time, which has only 21).
  • If you look closely to the remade version of the coach, you can notice that he wears a pair of glasses.
  • As in other remakes from Just Dance, the remade coach has a bad flickering effect.




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