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Sweat Around The World


Just Dance 4


Latin Dance Practice / World Music

10+ min level

Garden Steps

25+ min level

Forest Dance

45+ min level

Jungle Adventure

Dancer Gender

Female (♀)

Pictogram Color

Hot Pink

Glove Color


Performed by

Aurélie Sérine

"Sweat Around The World" is a Just Sweat program featured on Just Dance 4.


The dancer has bottle green hair, a mint green flower accessory, a hot pink tank jumpsuit with the right leg left without clothing, a golden bracelet, and a mint green foot bracelet around her right leg. The glove is mint green. The dancer's hair changes depending on the type of dance you're doing.

Warmup: Her hair is in a ponytail, but the hair is still frizzy. The ponytail is sticking up.

Intense and Cool: Her hair is still frizzy, but is let loose.

Cool Down: Her hair is up in a bun, so you can't see the frizziness.


The background is a jungle. There is a tree to the right with parrots on it, yet there is a blue parrot by himself. To the left, there is a rocky waterfall. There seems to be more land behind the dancer, and there is mist there, too. The dancer stands on sand.

Dance Quests

  • Finish "Garden Steps"
  • Finish "Forest Dance"
  • Finish "Jungle Adventure"
  • Get all sections in Intense
  • Get a 3 💧 score
  • Get a 5 💧 score

Appearances in Mashups

Sweat Around The World is featured in the following Mashup:


Sweat Around The World appears in Puppet Master Modes in Just Dance 4. Here are the captions attributed to her dance moves:

  • Vahine
  • Vahine Clap


  • Sometimes, Spanish sentences are sung, such as "¡Muy bien!" (Very well).
  • This is the Just Sweat Program with the least calorie count with the 45+ Minutes having only 180 calories.
  • The name of the song used is Blue Waters.[1]




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