"Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand is featured on Just Dance 2. as a NTSC/gamestop editon/ 1 day DLC


Jdnow takemeout coach 1 big
The dancer is a woman with pink hair tied up, pink earrings, a pink and orange dress with yellow, green, and white stripes placed in random places, pink and red leggings with white stripes, and pink lace up ballet slippers. At the beginning and end of the routine, she is in a "deactivated" mode and the colored areas of her body turn black and green.


A sandy orange beach with two types of umbrellas - either red and orange striped ones or red and green patterned ones. There are also kites and bouncing beach balls. The floor is reflective.

Gold Moves

There is only one Gold Move in the routine:

Gold Move: At the line "Come on...", slowly bring your arms up while holding on to your wrists.


  • on october 23 was a 1 day DLC for fans who dont have the gamestop editon
  • The background reappeared in the Beta version of California Gurls.
  • The white-and-red parasols in the background strongly resemble the logo of the Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil franchise.
  • The short version starts in the middle of the song. This is also the case with Proud Mary.
  • The final pictogram at the end of the routine is incorrect. For the final move, the coach slowly raises her arms down, but the pictogram tells the player to raise their arms up and down.
    • In fact, there is no pictogram telling the player to only raise their arms down in the pictogram sprite found in the Just Dance Now files.
      • Also, despite the fact that the dancer wears pink, the pictograms are purple.



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