"Tetris" by Dancing Bros is featured on Just Dance 2015 and Just Dance 2015 China.

Appearance of the Dancers

The routine features two men (P1 and P3) and two women (P2 and P4). The dancers are wearing helmets and latex suits of different colors with a Tetris piece represented on it. P1 is purple and bears a "T" shaped brick. P2 is red and bears a "Z" shaped one. P3 is light blue and bears a straight bar. P4 is orangeish yellowish and bears a reversed "L" bar. At one point, their skin turn black like the dancers of She Wolf and Where Have You Been.


It has falling Tetris pieces, like the original Tetris game. At several points, the background darkens and goes through a "Level up" phase. The background also shows a giant 'TETRIS' sign at the beginning from which the dancers emerge.

Gold Moves

There is only one "Gold Move" for each player:

  • Gold Move: Pose according to the pictograms. This is the final move for the song.
    • P1: Put your left hand up and bend your right arm.
    • P2: Put your both hands halfway in the air and squat down.
    • P3: Look to the left and put your right hand to the left and the left hand up.
    • P4: Continue standing while turning your palms outward.


  • This is the third cover by Dancing Bros, after Everybody Needs Somebody To Love and Moskau.
  • Some moves are really hard to do, especially without other players around.
    • For example, the orange player is lifted by the other three players, something a human can't physically do by oneself.
  • This is the second video game based song in the series after Just Mario from Just Dance 3.
    • However, this song is the first song to be released on all consoles that is video game themed, as Just Mario was only available for the Wii.
  • This song was probably meant to sponsor the new game Tetris: Ultimate, which was introduced the same day as Just Dance 2015.
  • This along with Epic Sirtaki is one of the only two instrumental songs to be covered.
  • The Gold Move awards the player 770 points, which is more than the average gold move.
  • P4 reuses a move from Womanizer.



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