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"#thatPOWER" by ft. Justin Bieber is featured on Just Dance 2014, Just Dance Now and Just Dance Unlimited.



  • Holographic figures at the start and the end
  • Dark red suits which change to sky blue
  • White hair
  • P1, 3, & 4 have black shoes; P2 has red shoes that turn blue
  • Grey Skin


  • Thatpoweralt coach 1 big
    Orange and black suit
  • Jeans
  • Orange shoes
  • Orange futuristic-like sunglasses
  • Brown, almost black, hair


Lead Dancer

  • Black visor-like mask
  • Yellow vest w/ zebra-striped shirt
  • Black drop-crotch pants
  • Blue shoes

Back-up Dancers

  • Blue futuristic-like sunglasses
  • Tuxedo-like shirt w/ gold-like shirt
  • Black vest
  • Black shoes



The background of the dance is a place, most likely to be a spaceship, where flashing lights of red and blue color appear.


Normal Extreme background; it mostly flashes golden.

Gold Moves


There are 4 Gold Moves in the Classic routine.

Gold Moves 1, 2, and 3: Make an X with their wrists. (This is done together at once)
Gold Move 4: Throw the right arm upward and forward. This is the last move for the routine.


There are 3 Gold Moves in the Extreme routine, all of which are the same:

All: Put both of your fists down.


The downloadable On-Stage routine has 4 Gold Moves for P2 and 3 Gold Moves for P1 and P3.

Gold Moves 1, 2 and 3: The lead dancer flexes his muscles while the backup dancers cross their arms.
Gold Move 4: Hit the air. (Only for the Lead Dancer.)


The Mashup has 8 Gold Moves:

Gold Moves 1, 4, and 7: Put your hand down slowly. (Done with the dancer from Beauty and a Beat)
Gold Moves 2, 5, and 8: Throw your hands out. (Done with the dancer from Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny))
Gold Moves 3 and 6: Make a stop sign with your right hand. (Done with the dancer from U Can't Touch This)


#thatPOWER has a Mashup that is unlocked from the start


(No repeats)


#thatPOWER has a battle against C'mon by Ke$ha. For the battle, click here.

Appearances in Mashups

#thatPOWER appears in the following Mashups:




The Extreme dancer for #thatPOWER appears in Party Master Modes. Here are the captions attributed to the dance moves:

  • Heart Beat
  • Cyber Punch
  • Cyborg Balance
  • Future Go Back
  • Future Push
  • Future Wave
  • Powered Circle


  • The song was supposed to be announced at Gamescom along with others, but leaked videos surfaced.
  • The routine is almost similar to the music video for the same song.
  • The dancers' edited skin colours are grey instead of white. Their hair and gloves are white. However, in the battle, P2 has white skin and black hair.
  • #thatPOWER's On-Stage routine is the only downloadable On-Stage routine.
  • In the On-Stage routine, the lead dancer has more gold moves than the backup dancers. The lead has 4 and the backups have 3. This is the first routine to go like this. The second is The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?), the third is Happy (Sing Along Mode) and the fourth is Boys (Summertime Love).
  • In the On-Stage routine, the backup dancers look like identical twins with strikingly similar outfits.
  • In the On-Stage routine, the lead dancer's pictogram has a similar colour to the gold move colour.
  • One of the backup dancers in On-Stage routine closely resembles the dancer from We No Speak Americano and P1 of Get Lucky. Also, both of the backup dancers look like the Get Lucky dancers.
  • The Extreme routine is performed by Arben Kapidani.
  • In the On Stage version, the lyrics said, "They call me Will-a/Stay so cool I'm chilly" but in the other versions it said, "They call me Willy/Stay so cool I'm chilli"
  • In the Classic/On-Stage routines, the lyrics say, "Coming like a battleram, battleram", however, in the Extreme routine and Mashup, it says, "Call me like a battleram, battleram."
  • This mashup and the mashup for Hangover (BaBaBa) tie for the most gold moves in a mashup. Both mashups have 8 gold moves.
  • In the Extreme routine, the white shadows only appear on pictograms for brief moments, making them more abstract.
  • The difficulty of the Mashup is set at "Hardest". This is the first and only time in the series in which a Mashup is rated at Hardest.
  • To get the P2's avatar on Just Dance 2015, you have to be Level 5000 on the World Dance Floor. It is the avatar with the highest level requirement in Just Dance 2015.
  • In the Dance Crew Mashup You're On My Mind, the dancers have a Gold Move that is not seen in the original routine. The same happens with Crucified too.
  • The routine reuses a move from Heavy Cross.
  • P4 has a new avatar on Just Dance 2016 which can be unlocked for 500 Mojo Coins.
    • Also, there is a glitch; after playing this song on Just Dance Unlimited, P4's avatar is shown getting unlocked. However, when you view it in the avatar shop, P3's avatar is shown instead.



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