"The Choice Is Yours" by Darius Dante Van Dijk is featured on Just Dance Now and Just Dance 2016.[1]


The dancer is a teenage boy with the following features:

Thechoice coach 1 big
  • Red backwards cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Red sweater with dark red stripes
  • White T-shirt under the sweater
  • Black pants
  • Red and white sneaks


A multi-coloured void that changes colour, constantly to red, grey and green. There are many other animated elements, such as clones of the coach, half cut lemons, bulbs, waves, lyrics of the song, rockets and many more.

Gold Moves

There are 2 Gold Moves in this routine:
Gold Move 1: Put your arms up.
Gold Move 2: Raise your arms and shake your hips


  • The coach resembles Want To Want Me and Kiss Kiss.
  • This is the third song promoted by Coca-Cola, after The World is Ours and Movement is Happiness (Find Your Thing).
    • This is the first of them to instantly be available to every region, including the United States and Canada.
  • This is the third song to make its debut in Just Dance Now, after Movement is Happiness (Find Your Thing) and India Waale.
  • This is one of the several coaches to follow the lyrics (when "Clap my hands, stomp my feet" is sung the coach does the same). This also occurs in The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)’s Campfire dance.
  • The song has replaced Movement is Happiness (Find Your Thing) as the first free Coca-Cola song in the free menu.
  • Strangely, "Booty" is not censored, although it was in Bang Bang.
    • This word even appears in the background.
  • The line "Your smile like a crown" is misspelled as "Your smile just like a crown".
  • The dancer's sweater and hat change colours numerous times. These colours are red, silver, black, and green (which resembles Coca-Cola). They and some elements of the background are made to represent classic Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Coke Life respectively.
    • Also, they are referenced in the lyrics of the song, from the line, "Choose from zero, green, red or light."




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