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"The Freeze Game" by Yo Gabba Gabba! is featured on Just Dance Kids 2014.


The lead dancer has brown hair in two pigtails, pink sleeveless shirt, denim skirt, pink&magenta striped leggins and magenta shoes.

The left dancers balck hair, red T-shirt, blue pants and black shoes.

The right dancer has short black hair, violet shirt with white vest, navy blue skirt and violet shoes.


Basically is Toodee's world, an icy world, with paper-style mountains and snow. Sometimes, it turns green, orange or yellow with silhouettes of the lead dancer.

Gold Moves

There is just 1 Gold Move in the entire routine :

Only Gold Move : Throw your arms out as if to say WOW! when ''Now freeze!'' is sung.


  • This song is from the series Yo Gabba Gabba!
  • The song is based off of The Freeze Game, a game created by Toodee in the series.
  • When the lyrics of the song tells to freeze, the dancers 'freeze'.


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