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"The Hustle" by Van McCoy is featured on Just Dance Kids 2014.


The dancers are dressed in a 60's fashion. The man has brown hair, mustaches, white shirt with black patterns, blue vest, blue jeans and black shoes, later they change color to red.

The woman has black poofy hair, purple headband, multicolored dress, white belt, white leggins and orange boots, later they change to blue.


A stage with rectangle pattern on the left, coloured ligths at the middle and flower pattern on the right. At the start there is a sign that reads ''The Hustle''. This maybe resembles a talents program.

Gold Moves

There is only 1 Gold Move in this routine:

Only Gold Move: Stand on your right side and move your arms as if you were walking.



  • This is the second time in Just Dance Kids that in which the dancers are not kids. The first one is Hit Me With Your Best Shot.
  • The coaches win 30 points at the end.


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