"The Master Blaster" by Inspector Marceau is featured on Just Dance 3 and Just Dance Now.


P1: The dancer seems to be a thief. She has jet black hair in a very long ponytail, a red mask, a black and red jumpsuit, a long purple glove, a white ribbon around her waist, and black boots.

P2: The dancer seems to be the detective. He has fuzzy jet black hair, a red hat with a purple ribbon, a purple suit, a white ribbon around his waist, white pants, red socks, and black shoes.


The background is a splitter. On the left is a jewelry shop with a large metal box which is locked. Behind it is a glass case with a necklace on display and on the right side of that there is a door. On top of the door there is a sign that says "JEWELERY robin" The right seems to be a detectives office. It has drawers whose color seems to match the wall paper. There is a door that says Detective Thomas Dance. Soon, it changes to a city, with cars and skyscrapers.

Gold Moves

There are a total of 3 Gold Moves in the routine:
Gold Moves 1 and 2 (P1): Put your hands up in the air and lunge slightly forward.
Gold Moves 1 and 2 (P2): Put your hands up in the air and lean backward.
Gold Move 3: Put your hands in the air with the left hand to the left and the right hand to the right for P1. Put your arms to the right like you're shooting somebody for P2.


  • The detective resembles Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther franchise.
  • In the Just Dance Now files, there is an unfinished pictogram: it features only P1, and it's very off-centered, proving the fact that it wasn't finished.
  • This song appears on the Deep Space Jams radio station in Ratchet and Clank, A Crack in Time



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