Hier geht es um Snap!'s song. Nicht zu verwechseln mit's song with a similar name.

"The Power" by Snap! is featured on Just Dance 2, Just Dance 3 (as a DLC) and Just Dance: Greatest Hits.


The dancer is dressed in a similar fashion to a New Orleans musician. He is a purple-haired man wearing a pair of purple sunglasses, a purple buttoned coat, a pair of shoes with laces, a pair of purple pants as well as a pair of purple socks.


The dancer seems to be in a concert, standing on a stage with people cheering for him in the audience. There's also a huge radio in the background.

Appearances in Mashups

The Power appears in the following Mashups:

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves in this routine:

Gold Move 1: Slowly raise both of your arms, as if you were playing a saxophone.
Gold Move 2: Throw your right hand out quickly with your right leg behind your left leg and your left arm on your back.
Gold Move 3: Do a clockwise spin.


  • The pictograms look different in the beta picture: they're blue and fading. However, in Just Dance 2, they're pink and quickly disappearing. Also, when the singer says "I've got the power!", there wasn't any special effect.
  • This is one of the seven songs that appear twice or more in a row in a Mashup - Kids in America in Rock LobsterThe Power in (I've Had) The Time Of My Life, Beat Match Until I'm Blue in Oops!...I Did It AgainDagomba in Pump It, Crying Blood in Pump It and Rockafeller Skank in Jamaican Dance.
  • In the Just Dance 2 bubble, the coach's coat has a lighter shade of purple.
  • In Greatest Hits, the line Quality I possess something appears as one line the first time it's sung, but then it's divided into two lines (Quality/I possess something).
  • The dancer appears on the PAL cover.
  • In the pictograms sprite, there is a blue beta pictogram that is oddly different then all other pictograms.
    • It resembles the same sort of design as the beta image with blue pictograms.
  • At the beginning, there are Russian lyrics. This is the first song that has Russian lyrics, the second is Smile.




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