"Tribal Dance vs Rock Lobster" is a Battle on Just Dance 4.



P1 is P1 from Tribal Dance, she has a green bra, green hair, green trousers and red shoes.


P2 is the lobster from Rock Lobster. It has a black jacket, black hair, sunglasses and red skin.


The color scheme changes depending on the song is played. The color scheme is green if Tribal Dance is playing, and the statue holds joysticks. The color scheme is red if Rock Lobster is playing, and the statue holds claws. The dance takes place underwater during Rock Lobster and it takes place in a jungle during Tribal Dance.

How it ends

  • Rock Lobster wins : The lobster lifts P1 and moves her out of the screen.
  • Tribal Dance wins : P1 makes an energy pose and the lobster covers.

Dance Quests

  • One player gets 3 stars
  • One player gets 5 stars
  • Win all rounds against the AI with the Dancer on the left
  • Win all rounds against the AI with the Dancer on the right
  • Win a round with a full life gauge
  • Get the "Energetic" Dance style


  • This battle is supposed to have a kind of 'showdown' theme, seeing who is stronger.
  • This is the only battle in Just Dance 4 in which neither of the dancers transform in their original routines, both dancers originated from duet routines and where neither of the dancers received any changes in their physical appearance.



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