"Turn Up the Love" by Far East Movement ft. Cover Drive is featured on Just Dance 2014 and Just Dance Now.


The routine initially takes place in front of a light blue wall with TURN UP THE LOVE written in a cartoony font and zebra stripes. During the whistle part, a whistle and TWEET! appear too. During the verses, the background switches from light blue to pink, and a radio attached to a chain and a tiger is seen, as well as other zebra stripes.




  • A yellow cap
  • Black sunglasses
  • Orange bandana around his neck
  • A black T-shirt with a white graphic
  • Light blue pants
  • Cream-coloured raccoon tail in one pocket
  • White sneakers


  • Red hair in a ponytail
  • A red beanie
  • A crop jacket over her pink sports bra
  • Black and white stripes on her shorts
  • Orange leggings
  • Black sneakers


In the alternate "SUMO" mode, there are 4 male dancers. They wear fatsuits and a red T-shirt with JD written on them and a pair of jeans with a black belt.


Turnupthelovefan coach 1 big

Diegho wears a metal studs baseball cap, a red and black New York-like jacket, a brown T-shirt with CLAP YOUR HANDS and a boombox on it, as well as a pair of black pants.

Gold Moves


There are 2 Gold Moves in the Classic routine, both of which are the same: Both: Put your left hand on your mouth and pump your right hand in the air during the whistle part.


There are 2 Gold Moves in the Sumo routine, both of which are the same:
Both: Put your arms down.


There is only 1 Gold Move in the Fanmade routine:

Only Gold Move: put your arms in a 90° angle and put your right leg behind the left one.

Sweat Mashup

Turn Up the Love has an unlockable Sweat Mashup for 5 Mojocoins.

  • Note that the Sweat Mashup does not have any Gold Moves.


(No repeats)

Appearances in Mashups

Turn Up The Love appears in the following Mashups:


  • Freaks and damn are censored.
    • Strangely, booze (which refers to alcohol) isn't censored.
    • Also, damn can be briefly heard.
  • P2 appears in the background of Blurred Lines. Also, when you make an Autodance, you can see P1.
  • P1 appears on the cover of the Just Dance Now app along with the coach of You Make Me Feel.... However, his glove is on his left hand.
  • This song was originally going to have a Battle mode with C'mon, but it was scrapped and replaced with C'mon vs. ThatPOWER. [zitat benötigt]
  • The background for both the classic and Sumo routines are the same but they are animated differently.
  • The Sumo routine is the first dance crew routine to be an alternate mode as opposed to a classic mode.
  • P2 of the Sumo routine is the same as P1 of the Classic routine and the Sweat coach of Kiss You.
  • This is Far East Movement's first song in the main series.
  • In the Fanmade routine, the dancer is Diegho San, winner of the 2014 Just Dance World Cup.
  • The shirt which Diegho is wearing in the Fanmade routine features lyrics from the song and a boombox, both printed in the way they are seen in the Classic and Sumo routines' backgrounds.
  • Mehdi Kerkouche was helping Diegho with creating the Fanmade choreography.
  • In Just Dance Now, the Classic and Fanmade routine have different preview audios.
  • This is the fifth song to feature a chubby dancer. It is preceded by Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)You Can't Hurry LoveSkin-To-SkinGold Dust and Hit The Road Jack.




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