"Twist and Shake It" by Ben Wheeler and Tara Chinn (covered by The Girly Team in-game), is featured on Just Dance 3 as a Wii DLC and on PS3 as an exclusive song, Just Dance Now and Just Dance Unlimited.



  •  Neon-cyan hair
  • Pink and purple hat
  • Cyan dress with pink line across the bottom
  • Dark blue small vest
  • Navy blue pants
  • Pink and green shoes
  • Red wristband on right hand


  • Purple hair
  • Red and dandelion colored shirts
  • Red short shorts
  • Red boots


The background is red and the floor is black with a purple lighting bolt painted on it. The red wall has pictures like 3 kisses, a guitar, a skull, etc.

Gold Moves

There are 5 Gold Moves in this routine, which are all the same:

All Gold Moves: Throw your arms to the side twice.


  • This is the only PS3 Exclusive song that was not originally made by Ubisoft.
    • It was however still covered by The Girly Team, an indirect member of Ubisoft.
  • The song has been made longer for the game; the original version was about 1 minute 59 seconds long. The beginning and the "Ooooooh!" part have been "copy-pasted" between two verses of the second chorus.
    • Thus, this is the first song in the series to be extended for a game by Ubisoft as opposed to being shortened.
    • This song and Baby Zouk are the only songs in Just Dance 3 and Just Dance Now to be extended.
  • The song's code name in the Just Dance 3 files is an explicit TwistShakeAss, but it has been changed to TwistShakeIt in Just Dance Now.
  • P2 looks like P2 from Heavy Rotation.
  • P1 looks like P1 from Baby One More Time.



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