"Valenti" by BoA is featured on Just Dance Wii.


The dancer has long bordeaux hair with orange flowers. She wears a red crop top, a red bracelet on the left hand and an aqua glove on the right, bordeaux pants with aqua belt, and magenta shoes. At a certain point, her hair and her pants turn lighter red and the belt turns golden.


A boardwalk at sunset, with lamp posts. At a certain point, the sky becomes darker.

Gold Moves

There are a total of 5 Gold Moves in this routine:

Gold Moves 1, 2 & 4: Put your hands out.
Gold Move 3: Pat the sky.
Gold Move 5: Put your arms together while your legs together. (Akin to D.A.N.C.E.)


  • Even though both her hair and pants are in bordeaux, the pictograms are still red.
  • This song uses the official choreography, but it's easier.
    • This was the first official choreography to be simplified in the series, with the second being Ninja Re Bang Bang and the third being the Classic mode of Bad Romance.



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