"Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles is featured on Just Dance 3.


Videokilled coach 1 big

The dancer is a man with a smiling TV screen over his head. He is in a green jacket which covers a pink shirt and a white tie. He is also wearing a pair of green pants and a pair of pink shoes.


As the dancer looks like TV screen, there are a lot of TVs in the background, some old radios and a signal tower. There is also a rainbow. The background is also an aqua-green color.

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves in the routine:
Gold Moves 1 and 2: Clap your forearms lightly.
Gold Move 3: Put your right hand to the right and left hand to the left.

Appearances in Mashups

Video Killed The Radio Star is featured in the following Mashups:


Video Killed The Radio Star appears in Puppet Master Modes in Just Dance 4. Here are the captions attributed to his dance moves:

  • Action Movie
  • Channel Changing
  • Forward Rewind
  • Giggle Box
  • Inside The Box
  • Prime Time
  • Silly Telly
  • TV Hands
  • Viewing Audience


  • When the dancer is swiping his hand over the TV screen, it flips through different dancers from other songs from the series.
  • All three gold moves are done during the bridge.
  • The song was released in 1979, but it's in the Just 80's playlist. This was also the case with I Was Made For Lovin' You.
    • However, it was made near the 80's. Perhaps this was the deciding factor which put the song in the playlist.
    • Its music video was the very first one to appear on the MTV music channel.
  • The dancer's Just Dance 2015 avatar is used by a lot of Just Dance VIPs. This is probably to remind players that the VIPs are merely bots and not playable characters.




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