"Waking Up In Vegas" by Katy Perry is featured on Just Dance 2014 as a redeemable song using a code only accessible to the NTSC region (and as a DLC for all regions), and Just Dance Now.


Wakingup coach 1 big
  • A star headband
  • A gold and magenta arrow-striped halter top
  • Minishorts with tassles
  • Pink boots
  • A blue and red arrow-striped choker
  • A black fedora that she throws away at the beginning of the routine.


There are five different backgrounds seen during the routine. The first background has gold coins falling from both sides in a dark place with some small red dots. The second background has bubbles as well as lights, raining dust and objects and more combined randomly. The third background has random moving lights, signs, lines and shapes - all of which are yellow. The fourth background is the same as the third but has a purple color scheme instead. The objects on-screen move away until everything is gone. The final background has red spinning parallel lines which spin until they fade.

Gold Moves

There are 2 Gold Moves in this routine:
Gold Move 1: During the line "You've got me into this", lean really low backwards and stretch your right hand out slowly.
Gold Move 2: After "Remember what you told me" is sung for the third time, softly stretch your arms out quickly in a semi circle.

The Popchips Code

The code for the website is OCT3114LYD1, and the code for the song given from it varied within console and region. However, recently , it became that only 5JM-A4HA-CK49-WLCQ-CE33 comes up and you can put in anything as the code.

How to Get Waking Up in Vegas

  • Go to
  • Enter the code OCT3114LYD1 (anything else also works too now)
  • Select your console (Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Press "Redeem"

Appearances in Mashups

Waking Up in Vegas appears in the following Mashup:


  • Lose Mind
  • Shiny Girl


  • This song was found in Just Dance 2014's files before it was officially announced.
  • The reason that a Katy Perry song was chosen for the promotion could be attributed to the fact that she is one of the endorsers for Popchips and even has her own flavour of Popchips - Katy's Kettle Corn.
  • This is the 9th song by Katy Perry in the series, after Hot n Cold, Firework, California Gurls, E.T, Teenage Dream, Part of Me, I Kissed a Girl, and Roar. It is followed by Birthday, Dark Horse and This Is How We Do.
  • This is currently a DLC for the PAL version and the NTSC version of the game.
  • This is the second song to need a code on Just Dance 2014. The first was Safe And Sound. Overall, it is the sixth song to require unlocking via a code. By technicalities the Extreme version of Barbra Streisand, Katti Kalandal and Baby Girl in Just Dance: Greatest Hits required a code with the D-Pad. The following songs were You Make Me Feel... and Brand New Start from Just Dance 4, even though You Make Me Feel... was later released as DLC.
  • "H*ll" is censored, but "Hungover" (which is associated with alcohol) isn't. When Hungover is said there's a space in between "hung" and "over" making it 2 words, this also happens in Hangover (BaBaBa). Oddly, "Freaking" is not censored either even though it is censored in Gentleman and Turn Up the Love.
  • The avatar can be found on the PAL version, confusing many people because at the time, the song was exclusive to the NTSC. This also happens with Danse, Alfonso Signorini, and Diggin' in the Dirt which are PAL region songs.
  • This is the 3rd song by Katy Perry to get censored, after California Gurls and I Kissed a Girl.
  • For some reason, even if the player has unlocked the song with the code before, the same song can still be seen in the shop.
    • Therefore, no one should get it (besides all PAL consoles, PS3, PS4, and Xbox One) in NTSC if the code was unlocked.
    • If the song is on the list from a code, the DLC version will be in the same category as this song, as if it was an alternate mode.
  • After You Make Me Feel..., this is the second song to be a code unlockable before becoming a DLC.
  • This is the cheapest non-recycled DLC on Just Dance 2014, costing $2.00 (the same as DLC alternates).
    • However, it costs $3.00 on Xbox One and there is no redeem code button on Xbox One.
  • Her avatar can be unlocked by paying 5 Mojocoins, even without unlocking the song.
  • The song's half dancer does not have the fade effect, which allows part of the legs to be seen. Instead, the skirt seems to simply be floating.
  • Whatever option you choose, the website now gives you only one code: 5JM-A4HA-CK49-WLCQ-CE33.
    • Also, you can put in any code and the website will give you a code.
  • For some reason in the DLC version on the PS3, the coach image for the dancer has a golden outline instead of a dark pink outline.




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