"Walk This Way" by Run DMC and Aerosmith is featured on The Smurfs Dance Party (under a different song name), Just Dance 2015, Just Dance 2015 China and Just Dance Unlimited.

Appearance of the Dancers


The routine is performed by a dance crew of four males.


P1 has black hair in a flat top style, a shiny yellow track suit with grey and black shoulders, and white and black striped shoes.


P2 has black hair under a dark green fedora, thick black glasses, a yellow shiny track suit with grey sleeves, and white and black shoes.


P3 has short black hair under a red beanie, a grey shirt, a black leather vest, red skinny jeans with a black bandana hanging out of the left pocket, some red tattoos on his arms, and black shoes.


P4 has black fluffy hair with a red bandana around it, sunglasses, a red wife beater, a black leather vest, black skinny jeans, a red plaid jacket tied around his hips, and black ankle boots.

At a few points the dancers turn black with some blue highlights and outlines.

Walkthiswayalt coach 1 big

Old School

The Old School dancer is a woman. She wears a red bill cap, a pair of black sunglasses, a pair of dark skinny jeans, and a pair of red sneakers. She also wears a golden necklace with the peace sign, a shirt with messy stripes and also two bangles on her left arm. She has pure chocolate brown and frizzy hair which is tied back.



The black background features two white outlined boomboxes, one with two green diamonds and the other with red triangles. These shapes feature complex patterns. The diamond boombox is on Run DMC's side, and the triangle boombox is on Aerosmith's side. The diamonds have a yellow leopard filling, and the triangles feature dark shades of more triangles. Around the shapes are some thin white lightning bolts and zigzag swirls. These shapes pump foward to the beat, and a brief splatter is formed around them whenever they rotate. The shapes return to their boomboxes at the start of the verses.

Old School

It uses the extreme background from the previous game, which features numerous squares, some of which are used as platforms. It mainly shines red and orange. In an update, the background now shines blue-and-red instead of orange-and-red. The colours flash faster and the squares shift more often. At some parts, the background flashes a bright yellow.


Walk This Way has a Mashup with the theme "Ladies Only" that can be purchased with 20 Mojo coins. It only features female coaches.


(No repeats)

[GM] - indicates a Gold Move.

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves in the Classic routine:


  • Gold Moves 1 and 3:
    • P4: Squat down and throw your right arms down.
    • P3: Put both of your arms up.
    • P2: Grab your left leg and put your right hand on your head.
    • P1: Get down on on your right knee and cross your arms.
      • This is done one at a time in a circle.
  • Gold Move 2:
    • P1 and P2: Cross your arms.
    • P3: Put down your arms.
    • P4: Put your right arm around your ribs and your left hand on your face while standing on one leg.

Old School

There are 5 Gold Moves in the Old School routine:

Gold Moves 1 and 3: Put your hands up then cross them.
Gold Moves 2 and 4: Put your right hand near your head then show your muscles tilted.
Gold Move 5: When your on your knees jump up and point to the screen.


There is one Gold Move in the Mashup:

Gold Move: Put your arms and hands above your head with your wrists pointing up.

Appearances in Mashups

Walk This Way appears in the following Mashups:


Old School


  • Each dancer has their own solo part of the routine, and two pairs of the four dancers (P1 with P2 and P3 with P4) have their own duet parts.
  • The first two dancers are supposed to resemble Run DMC, while the other two represent Aerosmith.
  • The dance looks like a Dance Crew battle mode would be, with two dancers in each camp.
  • The dance crew does complicated moves at some points, such as when the yellow dancers are holding the red dancers' legs while they stand on their heads, and when the red dancers hold the yellow dancers' legs while they lay to the side. The moves where the holders swing their right arms around are counted for.
  • The original has a time of 5:10, but the game uses the version that lasts for 3:38.
  • "Muffin" is censored, because it is slang for female genitals
    • However, "Backseat lover" isn't censored, even though "Back backseat of my car" was removed in Bang Bang.
  • When "That's a real big pleaser" comes up in the lyrics what's really being said is actually "That's a real big bleeder".
    • This is due to it being a reference to menstruation (periods); however it can still be heard.
  • In Smurfs Dance Party, the song is called "Smurf This Way".
  • The original song is by Aerosmith themselves; the game uses the Run DMC version.
  • P4 is the sweat dancer from Troublemaker. P3 has some similarities to Till I Find You. P1 appears to be the same dancer from Sexy And I Know It.
  • P3 is the only dancer similar to Till I Find You, but without the long-sleeves.
    • This is probably to hide the red tattoos on his arms in those songs, provided they are real.
  • The extreme dancer is almost similar to Blurred Lines (the extreme version), American Girl, and Feel So Right.
  • The dancers resemble the Backstreet Boys.
  • Excluding the World Dance Floor VIPs, the VIP for this song is the second Just Dance VIP to not have Video Killed the Radio Star as an avatar; instead, Santa Claus uses P2 from XMas Tree's avatar (which resembles Santa Claus). According to the flag, this version of Santa Claus is Finnish, although the Santa Claus in folklore resides in the North Pole.
  • This is the first VIP routine in which the VIP does not perform the Classic routine, but instead performs an alternate routine.
  • This is also the first VIP to not consist of a celebrity or someone working with Ubisoft, but rather, a mythical character.
  • Sometimes while playing the Just Dance VIP mode, an odd glitch occurs. The score bar doesn't count any points and you are unable to receive any stars.
    • As of now the Just Dance VIP glitch is fixed.
  • The final time Lollipop appears in the Mashup, the singing snakes from the original background appear with her.
    • Although in later versions of the game the snakes were removed.
  • The VIP does not feature challengers, unlike other VIPs.
  • Since the passing of Christmas 2014, the VIP routine has been removed from the Wii and the PS3.
  • Theres a glitch in the extreme version of the dance when the dancers arms disappear for a second.
    • This might be a green screen error or a chrome keying glitch.
  • The background of the Old School routine has been updated[1] to make it more animated. This feature can only be accessed on later created copies of the game, circa January 2015.
  • The Alternate dancer from this song appears in the background of Uptown Funk without angles.
  • This is one of the songs selected for the Just Dance 2015 World Cup.[2]
  • The alternate routine was first seen at Brazil Game Show.
  • The Old School routine reuses a move from What About Love.




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