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"Walking On Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves is featured on Just Dance Kids 2014 & The Smurfs Dance Party.


Just Dance Kids 2014

P1: she has a white cap with a pink stripe on it, short black hair, a light pink sleeveless summer dress and a pair of orange shes.

P2: she has blond hair in a ponytail with a red ribbon, denim overalls, a yellow T-shirt underneath and a pair or pink shoes.

The Smurfs Dance Party

P1 is Smurfette and P2 is Papa Smurf.


Just Dance Kids 2014

A road full of red, orange and yellow stripe, with clouds, bubbles and sun rays on the background.

The Smurfs Dance Party

A road in a real life city, with two houses and a yellow car on the horizon.

Gold Moves

Just Dance Kids 2014

There is only one Gold Move: Only Gold Move: Hit the air with your right arm three times going downwards.

The Smurfs Dance Party

There are 3 Gold Moves: Gold Moves 1 and 2: Close and open your arms. Gold Move 3: Bend leftwards and open your arms in a circle slowly.


  • In the Smurfs Dance Party version, there is an error in the lyrics: a line says I just wait till you write me instead of I just can't wait till you write me.



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