"We R Who We R" by Ke$ha is featured on Just Dance 4 and Just Dance 2014 (as a DLC), and Just Dance Now.


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The dancer is a woman. She has blonde pompadour-styled hair, a grey headband, a black and purple patent tank top, dark blue patent leggings with holes and purple patent straps, blue belts, and black high heel boots. At the part where the "DJ turn it up" section starts, her hair turns blue, the headband turns yellow, all the purple patent turns to teal glitter, and the leggings and boots switch colors. It changes back to what it was when the chorus comes back.


The background is a brick tunnel with moving lights, similar to the video. It changes colors. It's usually blue, purple, and pink with smoke in the exit of the tunnel and the lights are blue and pink. At the chorus the tunnel changes to gold, with fire in the exit of the tunnel, and at some parts a huge amount of female silhouetted people dancing. The lights are green, pink, and yellow. When the outfit changes colors, the tunnel is dark blue, with some lights that wrap around the tunnel, which change from green to blue to red. There's also green line lights at the last half of the dark tunnel part.

Gold Moves

There are 2 Gold Moves in this routine:

Gold Move 1: Quickly pose with your right hand straight in the air and your left hand at a low angle. 
Gold Move 2: Quickly throw your right hand up. Your right hand should remain straight.

Appearances in Mashups

We R Who We R is featured in the following Mashup:


We R Who We R appears in Party Master Modes. Here are the captions attributed to her dance moves:

  • Don't Move
  • Futuristic Cross
  • I'm The Future


  • The style of the choreography resembles the one in the music video for the song.
    • The background takes inspiration from the music video as well.
  • The words SexifiedDamn, S**t and Hitting are all censored. However the fied of sexified can still be heard, because Ubisoft wanted to censor just sex and not the whole word.
    • S**t can vaguely be heard.
  • At about 2:48 in the gameplay, the coach appears to have armpit hair, but it's only an error.
  • The coach resembles Soozie, one of the enemies from the game Streets of Rage. She looks similar also to So What and Cheerleaders Boot Camp, except for the different hair colour.
  • A move from this routine was recycled in Follow Me.
  • This is the third song by Ke$ha in the series, after TiK ToK and Die Young. It is be followed by C'mon and Timber.
    • This is the second Ke$ha song to be a Solo routine, after TiK ToK.
  • Prior to its release on Just Dance Now, the song had sound effects at the beginning.



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