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 "When The Saints Go Marching In" by James Milton Black, covered by The Just Dance Kids, is featured on Just Dance Kids.

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There are 3 dancers. 2 of them are Male and 1 of them is a Female.

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P1 is wearing black glasses, a white shirt with a red bowtie on it, blue pants, and white shoes.

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P2 & P3 wearing the same thing as the P1, but their pants are pink instead of blue.

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The background takes place somewhere outside of a city. There are some buildings at the left and right of the background that lights up. There are also some mountains at the middle of the background and the sky is filled with crayon-drawn stars. At some points, some fireworks appears in the sky.

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Just Dance Kids When The Saints Go Marching In

Just Dance Kids When The Saints Go Marching In

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